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School Member committee (CMP)

1 Mr. A. K. Singh(Principal)

2 Ms Ragini Sinha(PRT)

3 Mrs Ranu Misal(PRT)

4 Mrs Poonam Singh(PRT)

5 Mrs Karuna Ingle

CMP -Initiatives( Class I to V) of the Vidyalaya. Initiatives Class and subject Learning object and intatives envisaged Learning object realized Name of Teacher
01 Concept of big and small trees Class II EVS To developth the observation skill by observing the different kind of trees Yes Miss Ragini Sinha
02 How to collocate the words Class IV and V English To develop the vocabulary power and communicative skill Yes Miss Ragini Sinha


03 Picture and OHP sheet and to develop the basic concept through Visualization Class I –IV EVS / maths To develop the listening and speaking observation Yes Mrs. Poonam Singh

Mrs Ranu Misal

04 Phonetic symbols CLASS IV and V English For improving the pronunciation and spelling Yes Miss Ragini Sinha
05 Film show I – V To develop the cultural / heritage among the kids Yes All the primary teachers
06 Localite visits [ post office / RLY station III – V To make them aware about the functioning and procedure of the post office and RLY Station Very nicely Miss Ragini,  and Poonam
07 Class – Magazine library I – V To develop reading habit and writing skill Yes All the class teachers of primary classes
08 Worksheet and scrapbook I – V For the recap and feeding back about the topic Yes All PRT’S
09 Posting / drawing pictures of fruits / dry fruits and vegetables V English / EVS For making them to know how /where the trees recultivated / planted the climatic requirement their BOTANICAL NAME Yes Miss Ragini Sinha and Mrs Ranu
10 Class Quiz IV – V English / EVS / Hindi / current affair To develop the linguistic / general awareness Yes Ms R. Sinha PRT
11 Bank and shop visits IV – V Maths, EVS and English To get aware about the banking transaction / profit and loss / communication Yes Ms Ragini Sinha Mrs Poonam


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